Revolutionizing the way businesses do philanthropy

What started as a simple idea became a radical approach towards corporate philanthropy. Through the Give, You Get model, we can transform $75 billion in merchant fees into giving dollars. The best part? Everyone gives back.

How It Works

Give, You Get is as simple as it sounds. It’s a pledge to offer customers a platform to give and get back. By creating a direct pay option like eCheck that allocates a portion of a sale to a rebate and another portion to a charitable cause that aligns with your mission, you can give customers the choice to offset the cost of high credit card fees and instead make a purchase that matters.

We can create a revolutionary shift in the way we give and do business. By reallocating costly merchant fees to your community, your customers, and your company, we can create sustainable change in the world.  

Here's how to Give, You Get in five steps:

1) Sign the Give, You Get Pledge.

2) Create a system for your customers to pay by eCheck, either through your current payment processor or a vendor like Forte.

3) Create a dedicated fund for your team members or consider another charitable cause that aligns closely with your mission.

4) State the Give, You Get mission on your website with clarity on how funds are distributed if a customer pays by eCheck.

5) Introduce customers to Give, You Get and show them how their eCheck allows them to give and get back. 

See Give, You Get at work with the Fireclay Tile Playbook.

Why eCheck?

eCheck is simply an electronic payment method that gives customers the option to pay online using their checking account information. From bills to utilities to rent, eChecks are nothing new.

Encouraging customers to choose eCheck is easier than you think. While credit cards have their perks, we believe that the added cost to accommodate expensive rewards and costly fees just doesn’t feel right. Instead, by taking the Give, You Get pledge and accepting eCheck, you give your customers the chance to be powerful agents of change while getting paid for their effort. All you have to do is ask. Not sure where to start? See how Fireclay Tile used eCheck to turn merchant fees into giving dollars.  

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Take the Pledge

By taking the Give, You Get pledge, you’re expressing your commitment  to change the way you allocate money towards your company, your customers, and your community. 

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How Fireclay Made the Pledge

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to corporate giving. That’s what Give, You Get founding member Fireclay Tile discovered as it tried to find the cause that best aligned with its mission.

Fireclay Tile, a leading sustainable tile company based in San Francisco, CA, was looking to serve its local community in a way that best aligned with its mission and values. At the same time, it was paying over $15,000 every month in credit card fees. By setting up the right payment system and simply asking, it was able to move 40% of its customers to eCheck. But ultimately, 60% of customers still paid with credit cards. Fireclay knew there was a better solution to help drive real value creation for its team members and customers.

In Spring 2017 Fireclay introduced the Give, You Get program to its customers. If a customer paid for their order via eCheck, Fireclay determined that 0.5% of the sale would go to its Khai Lam Fireclay Tile Family Fund, an internal fund to support its hard-working team members and families. As an additional incentive, another 0.5% would go directly back to the customer in the form of a refund.

By giving customers the option to choose eCheck over credit card, they were "giving" to these hard working employees while "getting" money back. For example, if a customer spent $5,000 and paid by eCheck, they would be giving $25 to the fund and getting $25 back. This method was at no extra cost to customers--it was simply a different method of payment.  But they created $50 of new value for themselves and hard-working Americans. It also helped Fireclay reapportion its sales towards creating a better customer experience and investing in the future of its employees, their families, and the community.

Fireclay Tile believes in its first year they will be able to contribute over $50,000 to its Khai Lam Fireclay Tile Family Fund while giving back over $50,000 to its customers. At no extra cost to the customer, we can make waves in the community and across the globe. Because when we give, we all win.

To learn more about how Fireclay implemented Give, You Get, check out its Playbook.