Introducing Give, You Get, A New Corporate Philanthropy Movement

Give, You Get was conceived of by the team at Fireclay Tile (San Francisco, CA) in Spring 2017 to help its customers Give and Get. In the U.S., companies spend over $75 billion on merchant fees each and every year--so we asked ourselves, "Isn't there something better we can do with that money?" We believed that by leveraging the money already being spent on merchant fees, companies could unlock enormous value for its team members and customers and create a global giving network, all at no extra cost.

Our goal is to create a movement where companies create an opportunity for its customers to Give and Get. By providing customers the option to pay with eCheck and shift away from credit cards, customers can give some of their purchase to charitable causes or the hard-working team members of the companies from which they are purchasing, and get back money in the form of refunds. Companies contribute to relevant causes and offset the high cost of merchant fees, while customers can earn money back and become agents of change. It’s a win-win-win.

With Give, You Get, almost any company that accepts credit cards can shift its customers to eCheck and customize a giving model that best aligns with their unique mission, values, and strategy. If you were like us at Fireclay Tile, where we felt that the best place to devote giving dollars was to our hard-working team members and their families through an internal Khai Lam Fireclay Tile Family Fund, Give, You Get gives you the freedom to do so. If we improve the lives of our employees, we give them the chance to become great stewards in their own local community. We also give back to our customers, who can take their refunds and either invest in their own lives or give to charities that matter to them. Give, You Get defies conventional philanthropy by leveraging merchant fees to create value in a meaningful way.

The Give, You Get model comes at a time when U.S. consumers owe $1 trillion dollars in credit card debt. The average U.S. Household has $16,758 of credit card debt at an average annual interest rate of 15%, and many times much higher. While Give, You Getmay not solve our credit crisis in the US, we do believe we could unlock a potentially enormous source of philanthropic giving with no extra cost to customers or businesses. In the US we give $250 billion to charitable causes each year. Even if we shifted a small portion of the $75-100 billion in credit card merchant fees to the Give, You Get model, we could make an enormous impact!

In three simple words, Give, You Get has the potential to radically reshape the way we think about corporate philanthropy. It’s more than just a model. It’s a movement. Are you ready to give and get back?